Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prayer for the sick...grateful in strengthening friendship

Our nephew who was hospitalized because of an accident..ever since wnd of March this year..has at last been released to get back to home..sweet home..All Praises be to God..

We pray that he may fully recover in due time..Also that God may bestow upon his parents..heaps and tons of patience in enduring these trying times..Aamiin..

Since we have arrived at this place..not been there for quite a long while..I thought that maybe we should divert a little further towards the coast to spend some time with afriend of mine since yesteryears...when we were in early secondary school..Forms 1 till Form 3 (1971-1973).been such a long time since we.. last met.

So...with my other half at the wheels..we pushed through..nearly missing her

abode...since to get there..the car needs to be manouvred through a small lane just enough for just a car to pass through...

My friend and her husband..both retiree teachers are having a whale of a time..enjoying their lifes to the full..their senic home..beside the Cove..you could just stretch and put your feet in the sea water splashing and rolling beneath the platform of her home..

Picturesque views...from morning till night..changing colours of the horizon..the sound of waves and the waters breaking...very therapeutic...truly..one cannot ask for more...

Fishermen bringing in their catch..fresh from the sea...for dinner, our gracious friends served us simple fried rice, grilled fish, steamed , coccles, and loads of other sea food which they  obtained from the fisherman who has done his catch and was on his way home..Simply marvellous and what a luxury!!

We intend to drop by some time in the near future..this time we will not resist our friends' insistence for us to spend a night at their amazing abode... 

May God bestow and shower upon you His blessings...Thank you so much..my dear good ole friend and your spouse..Aamiin..till we neet again...God Willing..

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